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Whatever type of bar you are planning, Bartender and F2 bar systems provide the ideal solution. With their stainless steel construction and wide variety of available modules, underbar solutions can easily be installed in any bar imaginable. Click the tabs below to view each of the 3 ranges. Please contact us for a quick quotation.

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Bartender Modules

Bartender continues to pioneer the concept of the bar-workstation with the addition of 7 new units, all designed to aid installation and improve service levels. The new additions to the Bartender range include three units each of 2 metres long which incorporate one-piece seamless worktops to reduce the number of joins between modules. Further additions include a Condiment Prep Station and a Cocktail Waste Station incorporating a high powered waste disposer designed to quickly eliminate cocktail waste, a Tiered Spirit Rack designed to store a large number of cocktail spirits close to hand and a Python Bridge used to perfectly site beer pythons.


Bartender Range

For bar, restaurant or club, Bartender provides the most stylish and hardest-working solution, round the clock. It may be invisible to customers, but they’ll see the difference in faster service, less harassed staff, and an all-round better atmosphere. Installing Bartender is a business investment that will show returns day and night, week in, week out. Configured to maximise staff productivity and efficiency – and therefore turnover of customers – Bartender boosts sales and improves profits.


Bartender Benefits

Bartender Range offers a unique blend of style and functionality, to make any bar environment run smoothly and seamlessly. By day, evening or night, the Bartender is the ultimate bar-workstation, designed to make running a bar as easy and stress-free as possible, increasing sales as a result.

Stainless steel is not only the most stylish solution available for an underbar system. It’s also the most practical. Easy to clean and maintain, it can take the knocks in the busiest bars and still stay looking as good as new.

Bartender’s wide range of modules and accessories offer unlimited options of bar layout to create a solution that meets all your needs. Units are available in up to 5 different widths, giving you the flexibility to design or specify the best bar possible. Even curved and angled bars present no problems.


F2 Range

Successful bars depend on careful planning, layout and design. A well designed bar will improve staff efficiency and productivity, enhance the customer experience and boost profits. F2 makes bar design quick and simple. Standard modules, in a choice of widths and with a wide range of options, are easy to specify and can be configured to fit most bar areas. Contemporary curved legs, smooth edges and carefully designed shelving come together to give the unmistakable look of F2.

F2 Benefits

Effective workstation layout produces greater efficiency, as staff can stay within their designated areas, with everything within easy reach. In turn, this leads to greater productivity, faster customer service and higher sales. The clean, modern design of F2 is enhanced by the unique properties of stainless steel.

The result? An underbar system that adds real impact to your business, bringing style and functionality to traditional and modern bars alike. F2 provides ideal working conditions for you and your staff. Each module is engineered to the highest standards and is ergonomically designed to create the perfect working environment.

Underbar workstations can also be replaced, moved or added with minimum disruption. Original and stylish form and function come together to make the F2’s specially designed signature worktop drainer.

All F2 modules are produced using the latest manufacturing technology and the most up to date materials, meaning they are hard wearing and easy to keep clean.

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