Are you festival ready?

Festival season is creeping up on us and with all the music, comedy and partying on the horizon, you’d best stock up on all your disposables.

From compostable pints to classy disposable cocktail glasses, you need not compromise on quality with your outdoor drinks service!

Make a statement with our new ‘I’m not a plastic cup’ tumblers or keep it chic with our outdoor appropriate champagne coupes.


Half Pint CE Marked ‘I am not a plastic cup’ Tumblers 2100pk


State your eco credentials with these impactful compostable tumblers, CE marked for consumer confidence.
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Half Pint to Brim CE Marked Biodegradable Tumblers 1000pk


Dramatically reduce the impact you’re having on our environment with these biodegradable tumblers.
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Vegware CE-marked PLA Half Pint Tumblers 2100pk


Serve up your drinks in Vegware’s infamous compostable half pint tumblers.
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Disposable Cocktail Glass 240pk


Keep your cocktail style in check even in the great outdoors with these stylish disposable champagne coupes.
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CE Marked Pint ‘I am not a plastic cup’ Tumblers – 960pk


These CE Marked compostable tumblers will make a clear statement on your commitment to the environment.
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Pint to Brim CE Marked Biodegradable Tumblers 1000pk


These pint to brim biodegradable tumblers are an easy way to make your business more sustainable.
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Vegware CE-marked PLA Pint Tumblers 960pk


Don’t forget your Vegware pints for an all round eco friendly service.
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Disposable Martini Glass 192pk


You can have them shaken or stirred and not in a tumbler with these classy disposable martini glasses.

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