70/30 Mixed gas

A 70/30 beverage gas, typically a blend of 70% nitrogen and 30% carbon dioxide (CO2), is a specialised gas mixture designed for specific beverage dispensing applications.

In the beverage industry, 70/30 gas is primarily used for dispensing draft beers and other carbonated beverages. This specific gas blend helps maintain these beverages’ perfect carbonation levels while preserving their flavour and freshness.

The 70% nitrogen content in the blend contributes to a smoother, creamier pour, particularly in nitrogen-infused beers like stouts and ales. The 30% CO2 component ensures the beverage retains its effervescence and carbonation, enhancing the overall drinking experience.

This specialised gas blend is critical in maintaining draft beverages’ quality and consistency, ensuring they are served at their best. It is an indispensable tool for bars, restaurants, and breweries looking to deliver exceptional draft beverages to their customers.

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