CO2 Supplies


In the light of the recent news reports, we can confirm we do not have a shortage of co2.

We moved to an independent source recently in the summer to build resilience into our supply chain and avoid these issues. Although it costs more for the bulk liquid co2 necessary for beer gas, our supply has remained constant during this worsening crisis, which recently hit the headlines but has been ongoing since June.  This is the reason why we have been able to supply beverage gas with little disruption throughout the past few months, unlike some of the multinational suppliers.

Since the weekend we have secured filling at outside filling plants to conserve the stocks we already have.  Unfortunately there is £3 temporary surcharge per cylinder to cover all the extra costs.

We will remove this as soon as supplies return to normal.

The Government is in talks with the major fertiliser companies to subsidise fertiliser production which would hopefully see the reopening of the Billingham and Ince sites responsible for 60% of the UK’s Co2 needs.

We would kindly ask customers not to panic buy as this creates separate delivery and cylinder shortage problems. 

Our service will remain as normal and we will update customers should the situation change.