Get set for Oktoberfest

The big beer bonanza of the year is about to get underway. Prep yourselves with steiners, novelty pint glasses and of course a plentiful supply of beer.
Dating back to 1810, this historical German tradition is the perfect excuse for a raucous party. Tap those barrels and open your bierkeller!

1.3 Litre Glass Beer Stein Lined at 2 Pints x 12


An essential for any Oktoberfest celebration, these classic dimpled steiners are lined at 2 pints.


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Beer Mug 50cl – 6pk 


This elegant beer mug is at its finest when filled to the brim with a refreshing German lager. The glass handle makes for easier carrying of those hefty Oktoberfest rounds.

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Toughened Allegra Beer 20oz CE 12pk


These toughened glass goblets are ideal for the busy environment of Oktoberfest celebrations.

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2 Pint German Beer Stein 6pk


Prost! This stylish plastic steiner is ideal for glugging down a 2 pinter in the last of the summer sun.

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Empire Chalice Beer Glass 59cl – 6pk


These stemmed beer chalices are best filled with a malty bock with the wide rim allowing you to absorb the rich aroma of your beer.

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Welly Boot Glass 500ml 6pk 


Emblematic of another kind of festival, bring some of the novelty factor to your Oktoberfest celebrations with the Welly bootglass.

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