Introducing the Cocktail Tree

The newest kid on the cocktail block has got to be the coolest yet. These quirky cocktail trees are the perfect way to serve up a large selection of drinks in chic style.

‘But what are they for?’, we hear you asking. Cocktail trees are ideal for a number of events whether it be gin tastings, cocktail servings or simply a majestic way to serve up a bottle of bubbly.

Whether you’re catering for a hen do, a wedding or a workplace event, these trees will add a touch of class while taking the pressure off your staff.

See our recommended glasses below.

Cocktail Tree Black


There’s no finer way to serve your cocktails than in this handy cocktail tree. Perfect for 12 martinis!
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Elegance Champagne Coupes 160ml


A refined alternative to the classic champagne saucer.
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Juniper Gin 720ml Cockail Glass 6pk


You can do no better for a gin tasting than the iconic juniper gin glass.
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Imperial Champagne Flutes 210ml 24pk


For a traditional champagne service opt for the imperial flute.
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Champagne Saucer 22cl – 12pk


A classic accompaniment to your cocktail tree.
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Party Gin Glasses 62cl 6pk


The party gin glass is perfect for a gin tasting.
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Retro Coupe Glass 21cl


The chic retro coupe glass is ideal for both cocktails and bubbly.
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Martini Glass 17.5cl 6pk


Shaken or stirred these martini glasses will look wonderful in your cocktail tree.
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While we may think that the iconic cocktail tree looks its finest with a tasty martini lounging in its arms, these trees are ideal for anything from prosecco or champagne to gin tastings and smooth espresso martinis.

Why not try our inspiring recipe for a fabulously naughty pornstar martini?

Pornstar Martini:


Pour your preferred Vanilla Vodka, Passion Fruit Liqeur, Passion Fruit Puree and Syrup into your Boston Shaker with plenty of ice and shake until the shaker feels ice cold.