October’s Hot Trends

Party season is fast approaching so our hot trend this month is all things drinkable! Don’t suffer another season of bland drinks when a whole world of flavours are at your beck and call.

Introducing Strykk not Vodka, the new kid on the block has all the delights of a traditional vodka, featuring notes of capsicum and cucumber, while minimising the hellish hangover that your usual vodka leaves behind. This delightful drink has skipped the dangers of added sugar, artificial flavours and allergens so you can enjoy with confidence.

Funkin have also brought us a whole new range of exciting flavours and mixes. Right in time for the day of the dead celebrations, we’ve got Mexico’s iconic Prickly Pear fruit in a delicious fruit puree that’s just waiting to throw itself together with a generous shot of tequila. Meanwhile hemp continues on its unending popularity hype and we’re sure this hemp syrup will prove a hit with its distinct umami flavour.

Now it would be irresponsible of us to let you loose on all these delicious products without mention of where they’ll be served up, so make sure to check out these recyclable cups which just keep giving and giving (quite literally with their RPET construction).

Strykk Not Vodka


Switch to a cleaner fuel for your next night out. All the best characteristics of vodka minus the hellish hangover.

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Recycled Half Pint Cup CE – 100% RPET – 1250pk


Add some green living to your cart this month with these planet loving cups.

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Funkin Hemp Syrup 36cl


Get ahead of the game by trialling some delicious cocktail combos with the distinct umami flavour of hemp syrup.

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Funkin Prickly Pear Purée 1Ltr


This iconic Mexican fruit is great paired with a tequila or mezcal. Its unique colour will also add a little pazzazz!

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6ltr Plastic Ice Bucket Foil Wrapped


It’s not just wine that’s at its finest a little cooler!

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Funkin Watermelon Cocktail Mix 1ltr


This delicious blend of watermelon and lime juice is perfect for a refreshing autumn cocktail.

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Recycled Pint Cup CE – 100% RPET – 1000pk


RPET can be recycled again after use so you can really close the eco loop!

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Funkin Bubblegum Syrup 74cl


Or go for a sugar sweet retro flavour with Funkin Bubblegum syrup.

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8 Litre Plastic Wine Cooler – White


With party season upon us, don’t leave your guests with a glass of warm wine!

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Funkin Earl Grey Syrup 36cl


This delicately flavoured syrup is ideal for infusing your cocktails.

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