Price Changes

Due to recent changes within the current economy, purchasing costs for businesses throughout the UK has become increasingly unstable.

The cost of a container from Asia has risen from £2k to £16k in recent weeks which is specifically affecting large catering equipment items.  This, coupled with a spike in commodity prices, has meant cost prices are continuously changing for products and supplies with some items increasing over 35% in the last year.

We have been absorbing as much of this as possible, but it has now come to the stage where we are selling items below our own costs at times which is completely unsustainable. As a result, like many other companies, we will have to review prices on various products over the next few weeks and months.

Many product categories are not affected at present, which make up a large percentage of the products we supply, i.e. paper and chemicals, but imported lines and many other categories like packaging and polycarbonate glasses (due to increase of raw material) will rise in price. Other products affected include candles and napkins.

Our aim is to keep these price rises to a minimum for our customers.

We would like to thank you for your continued business and understanding.