Close the Loop with Vegware and Lothian Supply Company

Vegware and the Path to Sustainable Catering:

There’s no time like the present in considering the impact you can have in protecting our environment. With April marking Earth month, we’re sure that sustainability is already on your mind.

For a number of years now we have endeavoured to do our part in reducing plastic waste within the catering industry in Scotland and our partnership with Vegware is a huge component in our venture.

As a Vegware distributor, we work closely to not only supply compostable products but also to ensure our customers are able to dispose of their compostables and food waste appropriately and sustainably following their use. Vegware’s packaging is designed to be recycled together with food waste and so proper disposal is essential in managing their environmental impact.

The Close the Loop Composting Scheme:

Vegware’s engagement with the waste industry has always sought to ensure that their compostable packaging is collected for commercial composting. In order to bridge the gap of insufficient food waste disposal, Vegware has recently launched Close the Loop, its very own composting collection service. Utilising their expertise in the management of compost waste, Close the Loop’s is offering a service that can collect clients’ used Vegware products and food waste in order to create high quality compost in a matter of weeks.



Vegware’s Close the Loop scheme has set up zero waste systems with collections for clients around the UK. It offers a competitively priced and flexible service which can be rearranged at short notice to suit business needs and comes with the provision of a new clean bin at each collection. Close the Loop is available throughout most of Scotland and is currently launching in the South West of England.

Get Involved.

Where do we come in? Lothian Supply Company’s close relationship with Vegware means that we are able to facilitate the set up of this waste collection service for our clients in helping them to join the Close the Loop scheme.

Our clients at The Pitt street market are already offering a more sustainable service through their use of Vegware products for their iconic street food market. With their added participation in the Close the Loop scheme they are setting the example of sustainability in local catering environments. Likewise Barney’s Beer are championing the Close the Loop movement having recently joined the scheme. Why not get in touch to see how we can ease your environmental impact?

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