Shop our Compost-astic Vegware Range

This April marks the 49th anniversary of Earth month, and with Earth day falling on the 22nd, what are you doing to celebrate our fabulous planet?

We’ve just launched an all new range of Vegware products to keep doing our bit for the planet. Take a look and see where you can make a difference with this fully compostable rangeof products.

From the global specialist in plant based compostable packaging, Vegware produces a range of eco friendly catering compostables to suit a wide selection from cold cups, to salad boxes and soup containers. No matter your product, there’s an eco packaging solution to suit you.

Vegware is designed to be disposed with your food waste (so heaven forbid there are leftovers, there’s still no need to scrape clean before adding to the recycling!).

Vegware disposables don’t need partitioning before disposal and can all go straight into one food waste bin. Once in the compost they can take just 12 weeks to decompose, so they won’t be weighing on your mind for long!

Vegware 12oz Cold Cup 1000pk
As we head into spring, ensure you’re prepped to serve out all your refreshing beverages and snacks in eco friendly Vegware compostable cups. 
Vegware Large Window Salad Box 300pk
With salad season fast approaching, stock up on these elegant salad boxes ideal for showing off your fresh produce.
Vegware Bagasse Plates 9″ 500pk
Not only compostable but sturdier than paper and polystyrene plates, these are ideal for loading a meal onto. 
Vegware Bagasse Burger Box 6″ 500pk 
These burger boxes don’t trap condensation so no need to fear a soggy burger. 
Vegware Soup Container 12oz 500pk
These leak proof containers are suitable for anything from soup to noodles to ice cream. 
Vegware Soup Container 16oz 500pk
Don’t be fooled by the name, these soup containers can serve up anything from ice cream to porridge.
Vegware Soup Lid 12-32oz 500pk
A must have for keeping your soup well contained with a compostable soup lid designed to sit both 12oz and 16oz soup containers.
Vegware Hot Cup Lid 10-20oz 1000pk
Ensure you’re maintaining a quality hot drinks service by accompanying your Vegware hot cups with compostable lids.
Vegware Bagasse Clamshell Large 9″ x 6″ 200pk
Ideal for anything from a fish supper to a curry (and a big one at that!)
Vegware Bagasse Clamshell Regular 7″ x 5″ 500pk
These clamshell boxes don’t trap condensation so your crispy delights will stay just right.