EcoFibre Cleaning Cloths

To kick 2022 off to a greener start, we’re delighted to expand our sustainable range with these new Ecofibre microfibre cloths and scourers. 

Pink Ecofibre cloth

The Ecofibre cloth offers the cleaning power of traditional microfibre, with the added environmental benefit of using recycled plastic bottles in its production. Each cloth is made from 55% recycled plastic, and contains two recycled plastic bottles.

Ecofibre scourer on a sink

The Ecofibre scourer – a recycled, non-scratch scouring pad for tough, eco-friendly cleaning that’s made using 40% plant fibres including nut shells and 15% recycled polyester.

The Ecofibre scourer is perfect for tackling stubborn dirt such as burnt-on food on kitchen equipment, without damaging the material surface. It can also be reused multiple times to reduce the requirement for single-use, disposable products.


If you are interested in more information on either of these products or would like to purchase these or any of our other eco friendly products, you can call our team on 01506 871720 or email us on