It’s Party Time Again

If your club re-opened this month, we bet you are delighted.

It’s great to see restrictions lifted and people being able to get out and enjoy themselves again and from what we’ve heard, people are loving to be able to dance, sign and get together with groups of friends again.

So with people in the party mood, visitors able to visit more easily from abroad again and the 6 nations about to start, we’ve put together our top ten essentials for your bar, club, restaurant or gig.


Disposable Pint Glass 20oz to The Brim 1000pk – Essential for night clubs and bigger bars

Disposable Flexi Half Pint CE Marked 1000pk – Half pint glass with no breakages to worry about.

disposable shot glass

Disposable Flexi 30ml Shot Glass 1000pk – Who doesn’t love a shot on a night out?

disposable champagne glass

Disposable 160ml Champagne Flute Lined at 100ml 100pk – Disposable doesn’t just need to be pints and tumblers.

Polycarbonate Elite Remedy Rocks 11oz – 36pk – These look great, won’t break and can be used time and time again.


Polycarbonate Remedy Tall Rocks 12oz – 36pk – Ideal for cocktails, juices and long drinks


black napkin

Cocktail Napkins 24cm x 24cm 2ply Black 4000pk – Perfect for anyone serving food and drinks

funkin lime juice

Funkin Lime Juice 1kg – An essential ingredient for many favourite cocktails

Funkin Cosmopolitan Mixer 1ltr – Who doesn’t love a cosmo?

Funkin Margarita 1ltr – Because it’s party time again.

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