How to Throw a DIY Deluxe Party

DIY Wedding? Big Birthday Bash? Raucous Reunion? Whatever your occasion, don’t skimp on elegance! We’ve got everything to prepare you for an deluxe DIY fiesta.

Drinks All Round

Cocktail Creations

Open bars can be a risky business yet they do so much for your hosting credentials. Opt for a cheaper alternative by creating your own bar service.

Why not set up a cocktail centerpiece on each table? Whack out a small selection of spirits, mixers and other cocktail ingredients for your guests to shake up, swap around and play about with. Make sure you throw a couple of cocktail sets into the mix for the keen cocktail connoisseurs to show off. For a personal touch why not concoct unique cocktail recipe place cards to suit each of your guests.

The Love Tiki Cocktail Set is ideal for making all kinds of cocktails!

Or for a truly luxurious touch, splash out on the goldcopper or gun metal cocktail sets.


Drinks on Tap

If you want to keep it simple then grab a couple of drinks dispensers, fill them with everyone’s favourite tipple (alcoholic or soft) and enjoy your night.

For a longer guest list, there’s the large capacity 8 Litre Kilner Clip Top Drinks Dispenser. Or if you’re after variety, pick up a few smaller 1 Litre Barrel Dispensers and fill them with a broad selection of cocktail classics.

Champagne and Cocktails

With all these drink ideas floating about we should probably find you something to drink from. The Elegance Coupe is so versatile, it’s perfect for cocktails, champagne and wine.

Hot and Cold

Is it really a party without fondue?

Bring your guests together with this classic communal dining experience. Whether you want a good goey cheese fondue or a deliciously smooth chocolate fest, the Artesa Hand Finished Copper Effect Fondue Set is perfect for bring a warm heart to any party.

Keep Cool

From one extreme to another, this champagne and wine cooler is a perfect match for your lovely copper fondue set. Not only is it practical, the copper finish will look beautiful in your white wedding bonanza.

Send them home with a smile

Our Favourite Favours

Your guests might be a little too old for party bags but show them how much they mean to you with a miniature party favour. Our favourite at Love Tiki are these Bar Craft Mini Glass Shot Jars. These delightful jars are perfect for both shots and sweet treats.