Pizza Pizza Pizza!

Nothing quite beats a night in with friends and pizzas. The mouth watering scent of mozzarella as it bubbles and goldens while the aroma of garlic butter envelops the kitchen can’t quite be rivaled.

But looking on as your friend saws at this Italian masterpiece with an inadequate knife? Witnessing your pizza flop onto an undersized plate as it’s maneuvered with a flimsy spatula? Waiting in agony as it cools while everyone takes their fair share? Not any more…invest in our exquisite pizza accessory range for a streamlined and authentic Italian experience.

Smooth slicing

Is there anything worse than losing all your cheese to the neighbouring slice? Or spending equal time hacking at your pizza as you do eating it?

With our range of pizza cutters, you can soon be chomping on a crisply cut slice of pizza with all its toppings intact.

Fred Pizza Peddler Pizza Cutter 

With the Fred Peddler Pizza Cutter you no longer need a pizza delivery for perfectly partitioned pizza. Your new delivery boy Fred will have your home cooked pizza sliced and on the table before even the fastest deliveroo cyclist.

Pizza Knife Deluxe 54cm 

For a more elegant and professional pizza slicing, go for the deluxe pizza knife. The sleek, ergonomic design will cut through your pizza with minimum effort and maximum efficiency. The large blade makes it ideal for pizzas across a range of sizes.

Large Steak or Pizza Knife – Dark Wood Handle 12pk

For those of you who prefer to eat pizza in a clean fingered manner, make sure you have an adequate knife to get the cheesy goodness to your lips without resorting to shoveling the pizza in whole.


Crust Support

Your stomachs may be able to take on the challenge of a 14″ pizza but that doesn’t mean your plates can. Make sure your crusts aren’t flopping over the edge of your dinner plate by getting yourself a pizza plate with proper crust support.

Baroque Round Pizza Board

The Baroque Round Pizza Board is perfectly sized to fit the needs of most pizza sizes. It’s wooden design creates a beautifully rustic aesthetic ideal for serving a traditional Italian pizza.

Rustico Carbon Pizza Plate 31cm 6pk

For a rustic meets urban look, opt for the Rustico Carbon Pizza Plate. It’s cast iron look finish creates the perfect balance between its traditionally rustic purpose and its industrial size.


No More Soggy Bottoms

Soggy pastry is bad, soggy pizza is unbearable! Make sure to get a crispy pizza base with our pizza pans, screens and baking stones.

Vogue Aluminium Pizza Screen 14″

We’ve got a wide range of sizes and styles to make sure all your pizzas get an evenly cooked base.

World of Flavours Italian Pizza Stone Set

Kill two birds with one stone with this Pizza Stone Set which doubles up as a pizza baking stone and a pizza tray. The stone reduces hot spots to cook pizza and other foods evenly throughout and retains heat so that, when serving, the food stays warmer for longer.

Share Size Pizza

Artesà Mini Tabletop Pizza Oven 

If the thought of sharing a pizza makes you tremble, why not try making mini pizzas with your friends as both a fun experience and an easy way to get out of cooking? All you’ve got to do is provide the ingredients then let them do their thing. No more compromising to the monster who wants to destroy your culinary creation with pineapple. With the Artesa Tabletop Pizza Oven, you don’t even have to leave the table to have a steady flow of fresh pizza coming your way!

Pizza Peels

Pizza Peel Wood Hndl 12X14″ Blade 36″ L

Keep your hands cool with one of our Pizza Peels which come in a range of sizes and lengths. Ideal for pulling your pizza out of the oven without breaking a sweat!

You Knead some Dough?

Make your pizza night a pizza experience by creating your pizzas from scratch.

Genware White Plastic Roller Docker 

Ease the dough making process by adding a Roller Docker to your basket. This dough docker, resembling a small, spiked rolling pin, is used to pierce pizza dough to prevent it from over-rising or blistering.

White Dough Box 60x40x7.5cm 14Lt 

Store your dough in a purpose made dough box ideal for keeping it fresh and for assisting the folding and proofing processes.