Plastic Fantastic!

Glass certainly offers elegance but the smash as it breaks and the ensuing drama is something that no host wants to deal with. That’s why we’ve put together a range of disposable plastic glasses which retain the elegance of a classic cocktail glass but without the hassle of thoroughly sweeping every time a drink slips from your guests hands!

Plastic Cocktail Glasses

Disposable Martini Glass

For a 007 level of sophistication, we introduce the stylish yet disposable Martini Glass, ideal for any short cocktail be it shaken or stirred!

Both rigid and clear these martini glasses have the qualities that we love in glassware while avoiding the less desirable traits. Unlike glass the shatterproof material will minimize the risk of injury to your guests. The one piece mould means they’re ready to use without any fuss so you can focus on shaking up your delicious cocktails instead!

Disposable Margarita Glass

There’s no need to serve your margaritas in a plain old plastic cup now that there’s a disposable margarita glass available. These two piece glasses are perfectly sized for your favourite tequila cocktail! They feature the classic wide rim of a margarita glass making them perfect for use with our Margarita Salt Hat!

Disposable Cocktail Glass or Champagne Coupe

Whether you prefer a bit of bubbly or a black russian, this glass can function both as a perfect cocktail vessel or a stylish Champagne coupe.

Polycarbonate Martini Glass

For the regular cocktail party host, we’ve got reusable plastic martini glasses with the same qualities as our disposable glasses but with the added convenience of not needing to buy a new batch every few parties! These premium Martini glasses have the look and weight of glass and have been tested to maintain clarity even after 500 washes. The virtually unbreakable design offers durable drinks service, perfect for pubs, bars, events or parties. And when you’re finally done with them – they’re recyclable to boot!

15oz Outdoor Perfect Hurricane Glass

With the appearance of glass and the durability of plastic, the outdoor hurricane balance is the perfect balance for serving up your pina coladas on the beach, your pimms at the picnic and your G&T at the BBQ.

Polycarbonate Margarita Glass

To achieve the sensation of real glass without the risk of breakages, drama and danger go for the Polycarbonate Margarita Glass. This fully recyclable glass is designed to last up to 500 washes with full clarity. Its sturdy build is matched only by its elegant design, with its durable shatter proof material far superior to any glass alternative.

Plastic Wine Glasses and Champagne Flutes

Gone are the days of drinking red wine from a plastic tumbler at house parties. Hosts have no excuse to not provide adequately sophisticated wine glasses with our fine plastic wine glass range.

Disposable Wine Glasses

With pack sizes to suit both the sociable dinner party host and the catering supplier, these wine glasses offer a quaint way to serve your guests the finest wine in even finer glasses.

Disposable Champagne Flutes

The elegant tulip shaped disposable champagne flute is ideal for serving your guests a quality champagne serving. The injection mould means there’s no faffing with fitting any bases and therefore no risk of the base falling off either!

Polycarbonate Champagne Flutes

Too many dinner parties to keep rebuying the disposable flutes? Invest in some Polycarbonate champagne flutes to have the benefits of plastic alongside the permanence of glass. These champagne flutes are ideal for continued use and can withstand up to 500 uses while maintaining full clarity. Want an original and sophisticated look? These recyclable champagne flutes also come in black and white to suit whatever aesthetic you’re going for!

Polycarbonate Wine Glasses

The 11oz polycarbonate wine glass is an ideal reusable wine glass with a life span of approximately 500 cycles. Its polcarbonate material means it is virtually unbreakable and fully recyclable. You can even opt for a black or white version if you’re looking for something a little different.

Novelty Plastics

Red American Party Cups

Reminiscing about your year abroad? Or just wanting an authentic game of beer pong? The original party cup has crossed the pond and is party ready and perfectly proportioned for beer and ping pong balls. They’ll last the evening without cracking unlike traditional plastic tumblers and they’re fully recyclable when you’re done! So no need to be washing up when the hangover hits.

Disposable Jager Bomb Glasses 

The classic Jager Bomb has diverged into a number of variations over recent years, so whatever your favourite serve it up nice and simple in these purpose made jager bomb glasses. The positioning of the 25ml shot glass within a larger mould also means there’s no need to get your fingers sticky!

2oz Red Party Cups

To bring a bit of retro fun to your shooters why not try mini red party cups? The unique miniature version of the iconic American party cup is ideal for predrinks with friends or for stepping your beer pong levels up a notch!